Don’t Forget the Journals and Reviews

Today I spent several hours online researching online publications, and ‘small press’ literary journals. These journals and reviews fly under the radar of my new writers. It is a real shame to miss out on these because they are very important in the literary world, especially online. There have been several times that I have been sitting in a coffee shop enjoying an Americano, and as I look around the room I see some young person busily scratching down the address or e-mail of a publishing company found in a Bible-thick writing Market guide.

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with that, I have all of the Writers Markets sitting all of four feet from my desk. But many of these young writers have no clue about the vast expanse of literary reviews that he or she can find in seconds on their computer and send off their short story, essay, or poem in a matter of minutes. In fact, many of these online reviews have submission systems. You just type in your information and cut and paste or upload your Word Doc; click send and it’s off.

I have had more stories and poems published in these little reviews than sending off to a book publishing company.

So if you are a young writer and you are dying to get your short story, essay, poem, or even a portion of you novel, check out the literary reviews and small presses. On the ‘Writers Help’ page on my (soon to be complete) website, I have a pretty good list for you to check out. Just click on any of the links and it will take you right to their submissions guidelines. Check it out

Have a good night.


signing off.

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