National Poetry Month

Are You Poetry? Text: IAmPoetry to: 41411

Are You Poetry? Text: IAmPoetry to: 41411

April is right around the corner and being a super lover of poetry, I am promoting this year’s poetry month like crazy, especially here on Facebook because I know that several of you guys share my love for literature and the arts. I think poetry is at the top of my favorites to write. It is nice to read, has several forms (which grown daily), and can pay very well too! (Side benefit, of course)

I want to encourage you, if you are a lover of poetry, to find a way to be apart of this national day. Maybe you love to write, maybe you don’t write but you love to read it; there are great ways for everyone to be apart of it.

First of all, for all of us who love to read it, has great resources, like “Poem in my pocket”, a-poem-a-day (which sends a poem to your e-mail or cell phone every day), and several ways to get involved.

It’s in my pocket

If you are a poet, and are looking to get some of your work published, check out Writers & Poets Online. You can create a free profile and then if you click on Writers Tools, you have instant access to an amazing literary magazine listing, where you can find one you like, click, and have all the info you need for publishing.

If you are a normal blogger, one way to celebrate the month is by posting your own poems as blogs. It is a great way to exercise your writing skills,and an even better way to network with other writers, as many writers, like myself, do internet searches for poetry blogs. Also, if you have a poetry blog, drop me an e-mail with the link; I am putting together a Poetry Bloggers, network page in my poetry section of, to make it easier for you to connect with others. I will also be featuring my favorite poet’s blog, with an interview of the poet, on my site, and writer blog to help you get connected and get a little exposure for yourself.

If that’s you, drop me a line: – in the subject line write ‘My Poet Blog’

SO, what am I doing for NPM?

For starters,
* This month I am submitting at least one poem a day, to a literary magazine.
* Taking time to search for fellow poets with blogs, and connecting with them.
* I am updating the ‘Poetry’ page of, so that, by April, poets will be able to
find the Markets that suit them, much easier.

Many of you know that I have several samples of my poetry online, check them out and tell me which one is your personal favorite.

Here are a few of the poems I have had published, Check them out:





* I Must Write, I Must Dance

Feel free to check these guys out and tell me what you think.

Here is one that has not been published yet, but has one two writers awards, from ‘Love Journal, and Passion for Marriage Magazine:

It’s Called ‘Love You So Much’ and it is based off of a series of sticky notes my wife had left for me around the house. I took each note (12 in all) and wrote a responce poem to each and in my poetry collection (to be published around November) The Chronciels of a Lover, I made a short chaper for these sticky notes and responces, called ‘A Trail of Sparks’.

I Am SO In Love With You…

I am so in love with you and it happened so fast, as the words and the feelings, and all the emotions collide, like two massive planets that crash. Like the waves in the sea, breaking tides, pulling me, to the depths of the deep of our hearts like the sea

I am so in love with you and it hit so intense and hot, like stars crashing, planets ramming, earth and moon slamming into a billion pieces setting the universe into flames; an unquenchable furnace, fires flowing through space, so vast its expanse like when our hearts come into a collision-embrace

I am so in love with you and the passion’s so loud- close to insane, like the lightning-bashing violent winds of a hurricane thrashing, and broad-casting the awe and wonder of the astounding-thunder-like pounding of Love beating ferociously the drums of our hearts

I am so in love with you!

Well there’s quite a bit here, and I hope you enjoyed this little note.

If you want to keep up to date with any new writing announcements, writer’s events, any poetry readings I will be at or book signings; new writing markets, or writing and poetry news, get your cell phone and text Samthewriter, to 41411.


Sam Connelly

Check out my writer’s site

Or my Writer’s Blog
* AShotOfLiteraryCaffeine


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