Do It On Purpose, Or It Won’t Happen


I recently had a friend e-mail me and ask me why I write so many articles and blogs about dealing with the obstacles that keep a writer from writing.

“Why not spend more time sharing your ideas about writing, and talk about the stuff you have sold.”

Maybe  she is right. I do like to write about all aspects of writing, but I think that I tend to spend so much time writing about the ‘obstacles’ because there are so many ‘would-be-writers’ out there that should be and could be writers, but are not.

So many creative minds quickly loose a real passion for the art because of all the obstacles. I have ran into way too many people that have handed me off a great story, at a coffee shop, e-mail, bookstore,etc., and it is a real shame to hear them say that they would love to write but do not have the time to pursue it.

There are thousands if not millions of amazing stories, right now, sitting somewhere, unpublished, and unenjoyed. I once read a statistic that said 89% of writers do not get published, because they do not follow through with the process.  I can believe that too. Published writers are published because they followed through.

Writing the actual story is the funnest part of be a writer for me, but it is not the only part of writing. Writing, is 75% writing and editing, 20% studying the market and writing a learning how to get your masterpiece in their hands, and 10% walk out and put it in the mail (or e-mail).

I sold a few poems this week. Between this week and last week I made $2,500. You know, that was worth every bit of the time it spent me to push ‘send’ on my keyboard to get those poems to the editor. It’s funny, but after I sent off a couple poems last week the editor e-mailed me back and said, “If you want to make money, and let your writing pay for you, you need to keep sending me stuff.”Not many editors will do that, but when I read it to my wife, jokingly, she said, “You have an open invite, if you can make that kind of money in a week or two, why are you not writing all the time. If I could writing like that, I’d be writing every single day.”

She is right. And I am.

I guess that this blog is really going to be about you. I want you to know that the difference between those authors who get published, and those who do not, is that they who get published did it on purpose.

If you have a passion to write, then write. If you want to make a living at it, there is no better time to do it than now. There are publications that buy anything that can be written. You like to write, you want to be published, then write and don’t stop sending those manuscripts off.

And once you’ve sent it off. If you get a rejection notice, I like to send a thank you note and ask them if they would recommend another editor to me. This is really successful.

Just get out there. You have stories or poems that someone is dying to read. Don’t keep it hidden away, get it out there, and be the writer, you were born to be.


signing off


One thought on “Do It On Purpose, Or It Won’t Happen

  1. Great article. I wholeheartedly agree with the points you raise, particularly about writers getting published because they follow through and don’t give up. I also blog a lot on creative writing obstacles and writer’s block.

    Congratulations on selling your poems.

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