Summer Love: The Writer’s time to revitalize and refresh their writing life

The part of waking up
The best part of waking up

Coffee is first thing

it helps my pen write smoothly

sip and write: perfect

– a little fun haiku, from my haiku collection “Coffee & the Pen

What gets you going in the morning? Do you have to be out of bed at a certain time to get to work or get the kids to school? Or are you one of those amazing people who have in inner alarm clock that goes off every morning without fail?

Personally, I need an alarm clock. Actually I need three of them: One sets on my night sand, and it is really annoying. The second one is my cell phone alert, and the third, and my most effective, is my wife getting angry that I am letting the other two blare forever. Then, I hit the brew button on my coffee maker so when I am finished taking a shower, I have a hot pot ready to be sipped on, and a project laying on my desk calling me.

Summer is a really great time for writers. If you have kids: you do not have to wake them up early and go through the morning routine of hurrying them through their morning rituals of clothes, breakfast, teeth, hair, shoes, lunch box, backpack (do a quick check to make sure your son’s new friend frog he found at the park yesterday didn’t mysteriously end up in his back pack for show-and-tell, again), rush out the door.

They usually sleep longer.

I have also read studies on sleep, and discovered that in the summer, when it is hotter and more humid, our body feels that it needs less sleep. We wake more during the night, sleep lighter, and can wake up earlier without too much of a fight with our wills. “Yeah right”, I can hear you say now. I use this these months as a summer-cleaning time mentally.

Some people talk about spring-cleaning, being a time when they go through their house and clean like a crazy person. Not that our homes are horrible messes, trash centers, or hurricane epicenters, but it is a time to refocus, restore, revitalize.  That’s how I view summer. Since I have more time to spend on writing in the morning, I don’t let it go to waste. If the summer heat is going to help me sleep less and still feel good, so be it.

I use to turn the ac way up to make up for the heat, but now I open the windows and let the morning warmth and birds chirping out side (which is actually the chirping of gossiping neighbors sitting on the porch next door, smoking, drinking coffee mixed with vodka, and chattering about the latest desperate house wife on the block.) which is perfect motivation to get me out of bed and down stairs.

Summer is so full of inspiration for the writer. The beginning of summer is a perfect time to clean out old files, dust off and revisit that manuscript your hammered out last summer, pull out your poetry notebooks and get them all typed into organized files on your computer, and get ready to start submitting like crazy, while writing new, fresh pieces, which you may use now, or, set aside for next summer.

Where ever you are, and whatever your schedule is, try and use all the opportunities this season provides you to reset, revitalize, and restore the goals you have for your personal writing life.

I hope that your summer starts out with a bang. Have a blast.

And if there is something that you like to do in the summer to kick off your writing, I’d love to hear about it. Comment here and share it with other readers, or drop me a line at

Write, Write, Write

SamTheWriter, taking advantage of sweet summer love.


A Writer never has a Vacation: be Prepared

Enjoying others books

A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.”

– Eugene Ionesco / Gothem Writers’ Workshop

I am constantly writing. Most freelance writers know exactly what I’m talking about. When I got my new cell phone (Centro), I was very excited to discover that it had come fully packed with Microsoft word.  Cell phones are one of the most amazing tools, for everyone, but especially writers.

My first week with my new phone I got stuck in a very small town, for a week, and couldn’t find an internet connection anywhere. But, because of my new, sweet phone, I was able to write and send off four poems to Blue Mountain Arts, which within a few days, proved a good idea.

Being equipped, at all times is so important as a writer. I keep a small notebook in my back pocket at all times, and usually two pens in my pants somewhere. Since I write so often, and for a few different places, I don’t want to miss a great idea. I use my pad to write stuff as it comes and when I get a chance later I either read my notes onto my Centro’s voice recorder, or make a note right then on the word program.  Many times I’ll even send myself a quick e-mail to remind myself later to read my notes.

No matter what I am currently working on, I never stop taking notes for other projects. I may be writing ideas for poetry I’m sending to Blue Mountain, or a few other literary mags, an idea for this blog, my personal blog, a journalism article for the Examiner ( I’m Wichita, Ks. Christian Faith & Culture Examiner), sending off short stories, or ideas for one of few novels, or poetry project.  Doesn’t matter what it is, I have to keep ideas flowing.

I was on Ray Bradbury’s website about a year ago, and he made the comment,

I never got anywhere without a pad of paper and a pen, I am a writer, so I am naked without them, and I hate to be naked.”

I have to agree, about being naked that is. I have, unfortunately, found myself naked in public: no pen, no paper, no cell. And, without fail, every time I had forgotten my literary clothes, I would meet the most amazing idea. By the time I got home, I had forgotten most of it and was left with an ok idea, but without the magic.

If you are a writer, you should be writing all the time, or thinking about what you will write. After you have some great ideas and you know how you are going to use them. take some time and let them marinate in your mind. Mental marination can add an amazing depth to your work. I usually let an idea marinate at least a few weeks. But after two weeks, I write it down and send it off.

Well, my kids are calling me upstairs to read them a story before bed, so I’m out.

Have fun, writing. Write a lot, write often. Write, write, write, then edit and submit.

oh yea, and to all of you parents: Happy first day of Summer! We are writers, but we are parents first! Make sure you don’t neglect your most important responsibility, greatest gift, and most valuable possession.


Samuel Connelly

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