I am addicted to two things: coffee and literature. I can’t stay away from either of them. I write, write, write, all the time; but that is not all that I do. I have my hands quite full, plates over filled, too many hats crowning my shiny bald dome. I am a husband, a father a super energetic five year old princess and an eight year old all-boy. In the mornings I am a manager of a deli, 40 hours a week, and a writer by night. I take the kids to dance, soccer practice, and, oh yea, I coach flag football at the Y.M.C.A.

My life is probably like yours – super busy.

Honestly, my goal is not to be the PTA’s pick for Dad-of-the-year. I am just working as hard as I can to learn the balance between work life, and continue to cultivate my relationships with my family. And, if you are a writer, you probably understand that if you are going to ever be able to be able to spend that quality time with your family, and make money at what you love, you have to work super hard at it.

Someone, somewhere once said that 90% of getting the job done, is showing up. I have no choice but show up at my job, no job, no money. And with that it can really be tough to make myself wake up at 4am for my daily meeting with my buddy PC (or MAC), but it is also necessary, if I want to ever be the writer I desire to be.

AShotOfLiteraryCaffeine, is my writing journey. This is the place that I can come and share some writing tips, encouragement, hits and helps, and it is also a place where I can share with you the triumphs and obstacles that I am facing day to day along this journey to Breaking Out. This is where I can share golden nuggets that I discover on this epic adventure. I can hammer out feelings of doubt and frustration. This is also the place that I can keep my readers up to date with my successes as I work through my current novels.

I am a student of literature. I am a student of culture. I have an incredible fascination with life, creation. I will ask the questions, find answers to life’s numerous enigmas.

I am a complex person. There are depths yet to be discovered, and maybe that is what this journey is all about: learning who I am and connecting with as many other writers and lovers of life, that I can.

I hope you enjoy, AShotOfLiteraryCaffeine, and feel free to share your thoughts and personal triumphs with me along the way.


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